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Andrea ~ Beachwear + Swimsuit Combos (MM#2) by AJ-Prime
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Time for some fun in the sun with Andrea, I put up her summerwear/beachwear & swimsuit look combinations. :3

Mature Content

Andrea ~ Beachwear + Swimsuit Combos (MM#2) by AJ-Prime
Andrea ~ Beachwear + Swimsuit Combos (MM#2)
Started this back in June and have been working on it off and on. Voila, my aviself's Beachwear and Swimsuits combinatons of attire.

As with the theme of all my outfits I design for Andrea, they're designed with the thought in mind of what I'd be comfortable wearing as a woman, as well as my personal tastes & such. Overall I went going for a surfergirl sort of look.

The first is a combination of casual outfit pieces that I thought would work well for a day at the beach, as well as a pair of sandals in navy blue with some silver stars, a fave pattern of mine. After that is a two-piece bikini. I thought of going with a one piece, but seeing as Andrea is female-me, and I tend to overheat, a two piece felt like the right way to go for ventalation for keeping cool. --Then thinking about it I decided to design a pair of swimshorts for a little more coverage (I know I wouldn't be incredibly comfortable with a big butt like that in just a bikini. ^^;) though a girlfriend or some such may just see her without said shorts. XP

After that for a more complete-feeling ensemble, I added a white open blouse with the sleeves rolled up, as well some sleek shades (done with Kamina from Gurren Lagann's in mind, as well as Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim's 'visor'), as well as my hat and the sandals depicted on the first outfit combo for a casual, comfy, and bit sexy look. X3

I threw in an alternate, with a rendition of my fave blue hawaiian shirt, and a pink version of the bikini and shorts.

You all might be wondering, yes, I did that hawaiian shirt pattern you see on multiple pieces myself from scratch. I'm rather proud of myself for that. ^-^

Later on, I'll be adding one more bit to this with a Surfboard I shall design~...Anyway, what do you all think?

Special thanks to my friends Dave, Sakura, Dana, Ellie, as well as Shadow for the original base I remodeled.

Andrea belongs to me. She is me basically. :3

Updated my Andrea~Axdyn Modular Model # with some figure fixes, lines, etc.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Question, Should I

A/ Have the Avengers publicly reveal that Spider-Woman was formerly Spider-Man in an effort to stay truthful to the public?

B/ Have the Avengers introduce Spider-Woman as another character and let the public continue thinking Spider-Man is dead?

I wanted to know from those who read my stuff. I personally think A would be best, as keeping secrets from the public generally hurts the Avengers' image in the comicbooks.

And something else. Those involved with characters within Earth .5, I suggest updating your characters a bit. --Come to think of it I'll just bring it right to your attention personally, there aren't alot of people with characters in Earth .5's continuity. But still.

Also, sorry for the long wait on more of my Impossible Series, health issues, yadda yadda yadda. Regardless of said health issues, I've been working on character designs and building them up.

Second Question. I need a powerhouse character for the Earth .5 Avengers. I'm not going for Hulk or Thor just yet. Should it be:

A/ She Hulk

B/ Hercules

C/ Suggestion (Please write out a suggestion.

Aaand that's about it. I'll be around. Have a good one, people.
  • Listening to: Spider-Dance (Muffet's theme cover by Ferdk)
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☆ ~ Heya! My name is Andy, and I'm into all sorts of things from cartoons, anime, comicbooks, books, videogames, and movies!

I love to write, draw, and come up with ideas to share with anyone interested. I love writing crossovers most of all when it comes to writing, and I'm working on developing a comicbook/manga-hybrid style of drawing.

I have many health issues, but I'm not letting them stop me! ALLONSY~!



I have depression, anxiety, and psychosomatic disorder. I do not respond well to rude criticism / negativity and it is literally bad for my health. If you have critisims for my work, please, be constructive about it.

Plainly...If you can't speak to me like a decent human being, don't say anything at all.


Currently watching: (In no particular order)

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Favorite Shows of Recent Times: (In no particular order)
> Durarara!! X2
> Seven Deadly Sins
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> Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
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Favorite Walt Disney quotes:
"It's kind of fun to do the Impossible."
"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever."

Current Ongoing Series:
~The Impossible Spider-Woman!
The Impossible Spider-Man had his last stand against the Inheritor Morlun...

And from the ashes of death and defeat, the Impossible Spider-Woman has arisen.
Follow Andrea's first 3 part story arc with the Impossible Spider-Woman!, issues #1-3.

-{Works in Progress}-
~Magic Kingdom Hearts
-To Be Announced.-

~The Untold Tales of the Impossible Spider-Man!
In the Time skip between when we last heard from the Impossible Spider-Man, to his last stand against Morlun, much has happened...Tune in for this upcoming story series to hear these lost tales, including the invasion of Galactus, the founding of the Earth .5 Avengers, and the terrifying tale of the Demonic Venom Symbiote.

~Star Wars: Battlefronts
Irvine and his crew, the Ronin Squadron's battles and adventures.
Ronin Squadron is made up of some of the few Rogue Clones that didn't obey Order 66 as well as trusted Spacers and Rebels, as they carry on their seemingly endless tour of duty through the Clone Wars, The Dark Times, The Galactic Civil War, and the battles between Resistance and the First Order. How did this small band of Clones manage to live so long? Only time will tell...

~>~>~>~>~NEVER THE END.~>~>~>~>~


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